At Mimi’s we are bringing back good ol’ fashion, locally made, ice cream in Nashville. We feature seasonal flavors, such as peach, apple, walnut along with traditional favorites that will tickle your taste buds. Simply put, if you want the best ice cream Nashville has to offer then you simply have to come to Mimi’s Ice Cream. As a family owned and operated business in Nashville we love seeing the smiles put on the each family that comes through the door when its “ICE CREAM TIME!” So come on in today and see what we have iced up. We are extra proud of our Nashville Homemade Waffle Cones for the ice cream of your choice!

24 Flavors of Ice Cream to Choose From

Let us tell you about our Ice Cream…SUPER FRESH, MADE DAILY, with the BEST AVAILABLE INGREDIENTS, made the OLD FASHION way. We will always have your FAVORITES & THE CLASSICS year round with new flavors and seasonal flavors added each month.

When PEACHES are in season, Mimi’s is where you will find the BEST PEACH ICE CREAM IN Nashville

When PECANS are falling, try our PECAN PIE ICE CREAM.

If you have allergies….no worries. Mimi’s has wonderful Sorbet’s and other gluten free products, lactose free and low fat options.

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Mimi’s offers dozens of toppings so you can dream up your own favorite flavor mix

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About Us:

Our family has been in the restaurant business for over 60 years. In fact, that is how my father met my mother (Mimi). He had a Diner and always had to call the local newspaper to put classified ads in for cooks, waiters, and waitresses. My mom (Mimi) was the young lady answering the phone and placing the ads. Not long after that they were married and my sisters, brother and I were born.

We lost our father some 25 years ago but the matriarch of the family “Mimi” is going strong. She continues to share her family recipes and love of cooking for all of us to enjoy and share with you today.

Our Restaurants

Caney Fork River Valley Grille, Mimi’s Ice Cream are managed & operated by family with Mimi’s Grandson, Dane, currently the GM. We are proud to be the best ice cream shop in the area.
We are located in Donelson county, across the street from The Opryland Hotel and SoundWaves Waterpark and just around the corner from the Opry Mills Mall in the heart land of Music City itself

Ice Cream Shop Nashville TN

Nashville is home to some of the finest homemade ice creams anywhere in the country, from Mike’s Ice Cream Shop to us here at Mimi’s we hope to provide customers with a memorable Nashville experience that your family will want to frequent, whether you are a local to Nashville or someone visiting from out of state looking for an unique experience.

There is true creativity flowing through the air in Nashville and we like to think we bring that creativity to you via your taste buds. Our family has a love for food and sharing this food with our family, friends and passer bys. We stand behind our products, food and service 100%, We strive to give you and your family the best Nashville Ice Cream experience.

Our Nashville Ice Cream parlor is is perfect for all your activities and after all, summer is all about fun, games and the incredible ice cream! No matter which season or what mood one is in, an ice cream will lighten up your day. My personal favorite is walking along, taking in the Nashville sights with an ice cream cone in hand.

I remember my school and college days, when my friends and I would gather around the local corner ice cream shop. Those days were fun, exciting and now nostalgic. We would always try new varieties and each one would be better than the one before, I remember soft serve bubblegum ice cream being my favorite back then. Our selection of toppings was just crazy. Even the vendor would say that our combination was never tried before and it was the first. Well I don’t know if it really was or if that was just a marketing move, it worked anyway. We gave him the majority of business.

Visiting an ice cream shop is always exciting for me. I somehow turn into a teenager who is waiting for their first crush to say something. The moment an ice cream touches my tongue; there is a sense of relief. If you go to an ice cream parlor, take a look at all the kids’ faces. They are glowing and elated. You can see pure bliss in the innocent faces. A child will always want to have large scoops while we adults look for smaller ones. A kid will want all sorts of toppings on their ice cream; don’t be disgusted or disappointed with your kid’s choice. They generally like to have as colorful as possible.

Ice cream facts

Did you know that it takes approximately 50 licks to eat an ice cream cone? Don’t believe? Then next time lick and count!

The top 3 consumers of ice cream are New Zealand, USA, and Australia.

Records kept in New York proclaim that in the summer of 1790, President George Washington spent $200 on ice creams.

China and Japan are becoming very experimental with respect to flavors. They have flavors using mung beans, tofu, jalapenos, green tea powder (called ‘matcha’), wasabi, squid ink, sea weed, purple sweet potato, black sesame etc.

Earlier ice cream was meant to be a sweetened frozen dessert but nowadays you can find spicy flavors like pickled mango, red pepper too in the market. Though it is not so popular in the USA, some of these flavors are making their rounds.
Have you ever tried having your coffee with a dollop of ice cream? Try it next time. It is refreshingly good. For those of you who are health conscious or allergic, you could try the gluten free varieties and the low fat variety of ice creams. If you are lactose intolerant, you do have lactose free options.
I love going personally to an ice cream parlor because I get to choose what I want on cone or in a dish. I can eliminate what I do not like. I don’t like to have biscuits or cookies in my ice cream but love to have nuts and fruits. I don’t like walnuts and oranges, so I do not like them on my ice cream. It is ultimately your choice and your taste buds, so choose what you want. Don’t eat the same old flavors, try new flavors. Ask your vendor if they can provide something new, something that will tickle your imagination.

Rather than ordering online, visiting an ice cream shop, especially us at Mimi’s, will create memories. The ambience and children smiling will elevate your mind. Your day to day chores and routine activities may create stress and visiting such a place will help you relax. If you want a paradise on earth, then visit your nearest ice cream parlor.

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Nashville Ice Cream Shop | Best Ice Cream Nashville | Best Ice Cream in Nashville TN